Sunday, September 27, 2009

when like Romulus ...

drive-by readings

Wolverine Origins #40 (Marvel)
Daniel Way
Scot Eaton
Andrew Hennessy
Andy Troy
Cory Petit
Doug Braithwaite/Art Lyon (cover)
Simone Bianchi/Simone Peruzzi (variant cover)
so, how does this compare to the now-classic Wolverine #90?

the answer is ... ummm, no.

i was expecting a much bloodier and gorier affair. you have an angry Wolverine on one hand, and on the other, his longtime under-the-radar "mentor"/nemesis whom he's meeting for the very first time. suddenly Logan loses all of his strategic fighting skills? his bull-in-the-china-shop approach plays right into Romulus' hands and he gets slapped around for the effort. eventually Wolverine fights smarter and gets the upper hand, de-pantsing Romulus as a big-muscled jerk who uses fake claws.

then before you start cheering, Romulus conks Logan out with the Muramasa sword handle. all these talk about Weapon X alumni as indestructible weapons and Logan being the best at what he does and he gets taken out by a sword handle. WTF, Daniel Way. this is a Wolverine book. not Power Pack. was the original script of this fight spiked by Disney????

so in the end, Romulus is still out there, waiting for the eventual winner between Logan and Daken. the winner will be the one "closest to what Romulus is". all this philosophical sissy shit is making my head ache. bring back Larry Hama, goddammit!!!

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