Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Uncanny X-Men #515 (Marvel)
"Nation X"
Matt Fraction
Greg Land
Jay Leisten
Justin Ponsor
Joe Caramagna
if you had a house, then leave it, go away for one reason or another, and never come back for years, then someone just walks right in, fixes it up, and makes it their own, do you have the right to come back and reclaim it? the law might say you already practically abandoned it, although there isn't really a legal document stating the obvious. thus you might still have a case, considering the name on the deed is still yours. assuming there is a deed.

what are we talking about here? oh yeah, Asteroid M, currently known as Utopia and sitting off the Bay Area coastline, is now the home of mutants and their purported supporters. not to mention a bunch of Atlanteans (i think Matt Fraction's dream is to build a universal hippie community and live in it. seriously. have you seen how Matt Fraction looks??) and their grumpy king. well, its former landlord has come back, and duh ... wasn't that inevitable? he has his powers back too huh? well, well, philosophical or physical battle? i know, let's compromise. Scott, give him free room and board and a seat at your inner council. never know when we might need Avalon to transfer to once the US government nukes Utopia. plus we're really not sure if its him because he talks like an L.A. fashionista who's been watching too much TMZ and Hollywood Access.

oh hey, why am i ruminating only on the LAST PAGE of this issue? let's see: the Pat Morita biologist died, Bobby is actually a member of Scott's inner council (yes, Iceman, because he's cool and an Omega class mutant, you ass), Namor attends said council meetings in his underpants (nobody dares give him a wedgie), Danger becomes the de facto prison warden ("Danger, Warden Danger, Danger!! oh screw it!!!") Scott picks fight with everyone from Emma (who's becoming nasty every 10 minutes because of the Void), to Professor Xavier, to the Mayor of SanFran (whom i thought was gonna jump his bones because too much tension there) and to dearest friend Hank McCoy, who's about to jump ship, if the Internet chatter is to be believed. and oh, there's a new bunch of evil mutants in town. all in all, another exercise in Greg's glossy Land. hey, would you rather have Scott Kolins drawing this? really???

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