Friday, September 11, 2009

what does this tell me?

... Selene has big boobs? (c'mon, keep it real - don't tell me it doesn't they don't jump off the poster!)

... dead people have been infected with the techno-organic virus?

... dead people have been resurrected to protest their non-inclusion in the current health care debate?

... Blackest Night has a Marvel crossover? (no rings though)

... Wolverine is still in one piece, meaning he survived Romulus?

... Dani Moonstar and Karma are recording this whole shindig for the Xavier archives?

... Selene has really big boobs?

who do we want playing Selene in a live action X-Men movie? i say Demi Moore. (because I want Kate Beckinsale for Psylocke, dammit!!!)


TS said...

Hilarious! I thought #3 was the funniest until I got to the last one.

grifter said...

thanks, man! :-P