Sunday, September 13, 2009

drive-by readings: Ultimate Avengers #2

Ultimate Avengers #2 (Marvel)
"The Next Generation, Part 2 of 6"
Mark Millar
Carlos Pacheco
Danny Miki
Dexter Vines
Justin Ponsor
Cory Petit
Laura Martin
the question has probably been posed out there already: is there still anybody who cares about the Ultimate Universe? i'm not sure what the sales numbers are for this title. suffice it to say it does maintain my interest, with the return of original writer Mark Millar, and exciting new work from Carlos Pacheco. looks like Millar isn't done peeling back the layers of his re-imagined Marvel characters - there's always a nasty surprise hidden somewhere. so what if Cap's not as squeaky clean as the original? we loved him kicking the crap out of Hank Pym. and his son is the Red Skull, trained by the US government in a black op facility reminiscent of Weapon X? bring it on. once Cap learns the truth, he goes underground (not without kissing Hawkeye's face with his boot). man, sometimes Millar makes it hard to like these characters though. and who is blond new (elder) Stark? my guess is Robert Downey Jr.


Robert said...

"Is there anyone who cares about the ultimate universe anymore?" you ask. Good question. I loved Ultimates 2 but, since Jeph Loeb got his hand on the title, I've steered clear. Was tempted to pick this up due to the return of the Mark but resisted. Still sounding like an interesting read, though.

grifter said...

i'm with you there - i don't know what the hell happened to Jeph Loeb. Ultimates 3 was .... yeeeechh. even with Millar back, its like he's trying to do damage control with whatever characters he has left (i see a lot died during Ultimatum - yeeechhh).