Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Dark Reign - The List: X-Men #1 (Marvel)
Matt Fraction
Alan Davis
Mark Farmer
Nathan Fairbairn
Joe Caramagna
so is ol' cranky Subby an X-Man now? how the mighty have fallen. and to add insult to injury, ex-girlfriend Marrina (who's already an ugly fish-worm thing literally) is remodified and enhanced by no less than Norman Osborn himself to piss off his Royal Highness. and when i say enhanced, i don't mean no Nip/Tuck stuff here.

fans, remind me or educate me again:
- even with the influx of mutants or non-mutants to Utopia, how is it that they can have fresh veggies, fruits and farmers' markets?
- weren't Namor's people in Latveria? what did i miss?
- was Namor wearing that X-logo belt or did he slip it on while his back was turned to Emma?
- aren't you all happy there are no more dead X-Men? Magik is back, Psylocke is back, even Necrosha says all of Genosha will come back ... oh, wait, Jean Grey is still dead.
- isn't it a bit creepy to have Psylocke (possessing Bobby) to be saying (in tandem with him) "i can't hold it ... it's too big ..." (you sneaky Matt Fraction, you)
- do you like Osborn's long-haired fashion model personal assistant? of course, i am referring to Robert Reynolds, a.k.a. the Sentry.

so the score is, Osborn 2, people on The List, 1.

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