Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rocksteady Studios, listen up ...

having just finished Batman: Arkham Asylum recently, i was thinking whether you can use the same game engine to every other superhero character now, given its huge success.

my character of choice would be Steve Rogers in Captain America: White House.

ok, that's just a working title, and it really sounds lame. but here's the plot. the Red Skull has taken over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., and its up to Captain America to rescue the Prez and everyone else (yes, even Bo).

you'd have the requisite supporting cast: Crossbones and Sin, Nick Fury and Dum Dum, Sharon Carter and Diamondback (catfight!!!), Falcon and Redwing, and even the Serpent Society. Skull works with renegade Russian general and Kronas Corp CEO Aleksander Lukin to penetrate the White House and bring the free world to its knees. the Serpent Society has been hired as mercenaries to secure and defend the White House from would-be rescuers. Crossbones and Sin, of course, commands the militia as Skull's second-in-commands. there will be a Nomad, and he could die as well. characters who will not be appearing include Flag-Smasher and Scourge. and D-Man.

Nick Fury/S.H.I.E.L.D. provide intel and support for Cap, ably aided by Sharon in certain levels (maybe even a playable character). the story can even be expanded to different locales as Cap tracks down informants and objects to get to the next level. the real doozy for Cap would still be the assault on the White House, going through the Serpent Society, fighting a super-enhanced version of himself (Ameridroid/Lyle Dekker, above - like a Titan-doused Joker), having to beat both Crossbones and Sin, then finally taking down the Red Skull without harming a hair on Robert Gibbs' head (or the rest of the White House staff).

they'd have to think hard how to design the shield throwing/returning action. how did they it Ultimate Alliance? Cap has been dubbed the World's Greatest Fighting Machine - you do the combat engine math.

oh yeah, there'll be cameos by the Winter Soldier, who's sent by General Lukin to double-cross the Red Skull, but is flipped by Cap and together they stop this nefarious plan to turn us into Fourth Reich slaves.

so, sounds good? of course. it will be written by Ed Brubaker. perfect for the planned 2011 movie.

Captain America #263

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