Sunday, September 13, 2009

drive-by readings: Kick-Ass #7

Kick-Ass #7 (Marvel)
"Ass Kicked!"
Mark Millar
John Romita Jr
Tom Palmer
Dean White
Chris Eliopoulos
this gore porn comic is about to end ... and i'm ambivalent about it ending. it did start out really fun, and even critics howled with glee. who doesn't want to see the always-picked-on nerd dish out some fatal punishment? sales skyrocketed via word-of-mouth and press hype, Millar and Romita Jr started rolling in dough, and that was before Hollywood came a-calling.

now we get issue #7, 17 months after the first issue came out. Millar's distracted with other things, and apparently, they're shooting the movie already? whatever. this issue's still $2.99 because we all know Millar's (and Marvel's) gonna make up when he takes our lunch money at the box office. it probably makes sense that they're shutting the series down at 8 issues, but absent the movie angle, am sure they could have squeezed 25 issues out of this one. is this the fastest drawing-board-to-Hollywood comic movie ever? i mean, even Invincible can't be made into a movie that fast, and its a property that's tailor-made for summer blockbusters (trilogy at the least).

as you can see from the title, Dave's getting his ... tushie kicked from here to Timbuktu, as he finally bites off more than he can chew. thank goodness for the metal plates in his head (a nod to "healing factor"), acquired right after his first beating, that he's able to withstand the brutality he readily goads from the goons. Romita Jr. just lets it all hang out, with blood and bits of bone and flesh flying off the page. and if you think this was too much, i think we should brace ourselves for the grand finale. coming out December 2009. at the earliest.

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