Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nick Cave is pleased

drive-by readings

Batman & Robin #4 (DC)
"Vengeance of the Red Hood, Part One: Red Right Hand"
Grant Morrison
Philip Tan
Jonathan Glapion
Pete Pantazis
Patrick Brosseau
Frank Quitely (variant cover)
hey, where's Frank Quitely? noooooooo ... do not just put him on covers. pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseee! i want me my Frank Quitely!!!!!!

so there's a new (?) Red Hood running around Gotham, with a survivor of Pyg's experimentations in tow. is it Jason Todd, because for the life of me, this is one sick puppy - he can't even decide who he wants to be. will somebody just put him out of his misery? guy needs to get laid!

or Batman could just sit back and let the Red Hood clean up things (you know Damian would never sit back and not get down and dirty) before finally stepping in and twisting that red pail around his neck.

either way, Gotham's goons are screwed. oh wait, did Red Hood just shoot at Batman? Civil War! Dark Reign!

still bummed out that Quitely isn't drawing this. is he coming back?

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