Thursday, September 17, 2009

in one ear, out the other

drive-by readings

Dark Reign - The List: Daredevil one shot (Marvel)
Andy Diggle
Billy Tan
Matt Banning
Justin Ponsor
Joe Caramagna
like we need another excuse for a DD/Bullseye mano-a-mano. i like better when DD pwned Bullseye back during the Bendis run. here its just ... Osborn wants to send DD and the Hand a message, so he sics Bullseye (in real costume) on him, people die because Lester the Molester likes it like that, and ol' Hornhead decides to send him and Osborn ... a message. end scene.

what was the message? and how come no one listens?

rumor has it that EEEK Joe Quesada nixed a sequel to this called Dark Reign - The Message: Daredevil.

is Lady Bullseye still working covertly for Yoda/Pat Morita Master Izo, as she does Kingpin's bidding? and why the sudden turnaround, Wilson? oh, ok, life in DD Land is not complete without the Kingpin scheming somewhere, somehow.

i'm much more looking forward to the regular series where we'll have Matt as full-time Hand CEO and how his superhero pals will deal with this new development. add to that Matt being angry about 107 dead people and you know its on his shoulders. despite what Izo keeps drumming into his head (that man knows how to paaaar-taaaaayyy!).

one thing to note is now all Hand ninjas sport horns as per new regulations. imagine if Warren Worthington became the uber-boss (wings). or Tony Stark (helmets). or Rocket Raccoon (tails).

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