Friday, September 25, 2009

girls, girls, girls!

drive-by readings

The Amazing Spider-Man #606 (Marvel)
"Long-Term Arrangement"
Joe Kelly
Mike McKone
Andy Lanning
Chris Chuckry
Joe Caramagna
J. Scott Campbell/Edgar Delgado
so much for the Chameleon. over the past few issues, the Spidey Brain Trust thought it best to up the ante in the game of "how much more can we make a lovable loser out of Peter Parker" by bringing back Mary Jane, right smack in the middle of Peter having platonic-bordering-on-something friendships with like half the female cast (the other half is Aunt May, and that's off-limits). and now they throw Felicia Hardy into the mix. last thing i saw of Spidey and Black Cat being a couple was her being shot up and there's him carrying her to the hospital (ah, nostalgia - anybody remember what issue in the '80s that was?). its okay that the Spidey Brain Trust provides overall direction, but the rotating cast of writers and artists (since Brand New Day) kinda makes the whole thing a bit disjointed, y'know?

and wow, if Peter can do splits like that ... look out, Olympics!

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