Sunday, January 31, 2010

dead like them

drive-by readings

X-Force #23 (Marvel)
"Necrosha: Chapter Four"
Craig Kyle
Christopher Yost
Clayton Crain
Cory Petit

apart from the cover which shows Banshee but in no way does he appear in the inside pages, i have no complaints about this issue, as the X-people completely realize they're in for a fight of their lives against their dead friends and enemies. considering they can't kill dead people, they're really out of options here. Emma Frost gets a nostalgic jolt when she sees a resurrected Blink, and the pain of that causes her to urge Logan to go postal on Selene. Warpath tries to stave off the slaughter by bringing Eli Bard the Spirit Blade, but of course the baddies take that and him back to Selene to provide entertainment by duelling with his late bro Thunderbird. its also interesting to see Archangel regrow his blade wings back even if Blink destroys(?) them. an intriguing subplot has the Wolf prince Hrimhari exchanging his soul for Hela to bring back Elixir, who in turn heals the now-pregnant Rahne - a difficult sacrifice.
oh wait, i have one more beef: Clayton Crain continues to exasperate. i can't make sense of the fight scenes, even if i recognize most of the characters being depicted.

hey, the proper term is Native American! yer gonna git sued for this!

Logan demonstrates what happens if you don't use Colgate Whitening.

oh, hey, look who unearthed this poster from 2003!

despite being hundreds of years old, Selene's no slouch when it comes to fashion, hey?

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