Tuesday, January 12, 2010

snaps: Cable #22

... where we've been doing this time hopping for the past year. man, even the fans are tired. good thing the end of this Messiah trilogy is around the corner. so anyway, Hope Summers - now a smoking hot young woman - confronts her longtime (thousands of years in hers, though maybe only 12 months in comic fans' lives) tormentor Lucas Bishop (one thing that gets my goat is the turning of Bishop into a prime grade AAA asshole, though the storyline wouldn't work if he's not the antagonist, given his background and history). yeah, they do talk, but forget about the diplomacy, they just declare that they hate each other and the chase is on once again.

white woman standing over black man - a bit heavy-handed, don't you think?

Bishop screams his anguish when he learns they cut off his beautiful dreads.

1940 Al Pratt would kick the shit out of you, Rockslide.

yes, he was played by Mel Gibson then.

and that's why Bishop can't have any meaningful relationships.

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