Saturday, August 22, 2009

drive-by readings: Wolverine: Weapon X #4

Exhibit A: How To 101% Get Skewered by Wolverine
Wolverine: Weapon X #4 (Marvel)
"The Adamantium Men, Part 4 of 5"
Jason Aaron
Ron Garney
Jason Keith
Cory Petit
Garney/Morry Hollowell (cover)
Adi Granov (variant cover)
action fans, look no further as this issue takes a page out of Family Guy's Peter vs Chicken battles - am sure Ron Garney got a kick out of Logan exchanging blows and slashes with technically his descendant - complete with comedic moments like dragging your head on train tracks and a stoppage when a schoolbus full of kids comes along. what i don't get is why Logan had to bother with going to the Carribean and wringing an address out of Blackguard (read: Blackwater Worldwide) employees to find their CEO who wants to jumpstart the Weapon X program, when he can just ask any of his superhero cohorts to find out that information. as to being arrested by H.A.M.M.E.R. - eh well ... let's just go back to the slicing and dicing, shall we? i almost expect Sabretooth to show up next issue, head reattached and all. also: Maverick is a useless backup and a terrible lay (allegedly).

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