Thursday, August 6, 2009

drive-by readings: Justice League: Cry for Justice #2

brooding over King Kong and Jack Black
Justice League: Cry for Justice #2 (DC)
"The Gathering"
James Robinson
Mauro Cascioli
Steve Wands
at this rate, they'll be fighting the bad guys by issue #4. and this is a 5-issue series? not even a year's worth?

Green Lantern and Green Arrow chill out on a Gotham rooftop, discussing Bruce, the city and some other shenanigans. they meet up with Jason Bard (the Detective's detective) who sends them to beat up some ne'er-do-wells. there they meet up with the Atom (Ray Palmer version) and Freddy Marvel (hippier Shazam). Congorilla (heh.) and the gay guy - whoops, sorry, the latest Starman - are still inbound. a woozy Javelin tries one last throw, only to be thwarted by Supergirl in that scene that drove people nuts a few months back.

so why are they all here? looks like Prometheus, from the foreshadowing in the Faces of Evil event, is back stealing (or making others do his stealing of) DC Universe tech. to what end? well, Mr. Robinson has not seen us fit to be told yet. just be content and marvel at Mauro Cascioli's painted gems (Supergirl looks like someone i know).

by the way, Hal can battle scary space aliens and his own inner demons, but he can't stand the night breeze? has he fought Mr. Freeze yet? no?

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