Monday, August 24, 2009

drive-by readings: Superman/Batman #63

me Grodd hungry! me want IHOP so me can leave happy!
Superman/Batman #63 (DC)
"Night and Day"
Michael Green
Mike Johnson
Rafael Albuquerque
David Baron
Rob Leigh
we've had Villains taking over the world before and we've had villains taking over the world before. Mike & Mike (Green & Johnson) kept me engaged throughout this scary new 'one world under Grodd', and THEN threw me a curveball. nice one. actually, this scenario is intriguing enough probably for a JLA storyline or the next summer crossover. or maybe its too simple. sigh. anyway, for Bruce Wayne fans, this is the only comic now where you'll still see your favorite playboy detective. and he's still the man with the plan. and the man who rarely eats dinner. i don't how Alfred puts up with that crap.

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