Saturday, August 29, 2009

4 > 3 > 2

so that's the much-hyped Romulus!!!

if you believe the hype, this guy is the single most important figure in shaping Wolverine into who he is now (even much more influential than Weapon X and Charley Xavier). he looks much more dangerous than Apocalypse or Mr. Sinister. well, i said looks. he kinda resembles Ra's Al Ghul crossed with Vandal Savage and ... ooppss, wrong company.

and what's his goal again? manipulating Logan's bloodline to do what? create Weapons of Mass Destruction? to do what?

and if he's hell-bent on finding his true heir among all the adamantium-tinged freaks he loves to play with (presumably all dead with the exception of Logan and Daken), does it mean he really can be slain with the Muramasa blade too, because if he's that powerful and no one can take him down, what's the point eh?

by our math, 4 claws are much better than 3, so that leaves X-23 as the low woman on the totem pole (see X-Force #18 for her funny evisceration, on sale now! - Axel Alonso).

even Logan doesn't walk around shirtless. well, maybe around the Westchester mansion grounds in summer, back in the day. and he has a better haircut. i guess, being near immortal, you just give up when your favorite barber keeps croaking every 20 years or so.

Wolverine: Origins #39


Robert said...

I guess if you're about 10, you'd probably look at this picture and go, "Cooool!". However for older readers you can't help feel a little disillusioned as this guy just looks like an example of "Hey, we'd better make this guy look waaay tougher than Wolverine." Instead he just looks like lame, underwhelming pastiche. For what it's worth, I always think low key is better. When you present a villain as some kind of 'ultimate' villain like Sabretooth once was or Magneto or Apocalypse to the X-Men, as a creator, you keep having to top yourself. And that leads you to ending up with something as bizarre as this.

Just my rant.

grifter said...

totally agree with you, Rob. he looks ridiculous. i guess the writers just painted themselves into a corner.