Monday, August 24, 2009

drive-by readings: Power Girl #4

ever had all you want in the palm of your hand?
Power Girl #4 (DC)
"Girls' Night Out"
Justin Gray
Jimmy Palmiotti
Amanda Conner
Paul Mounts
John J. Hill
Guillem March (variant cover)
as much as we had fun with the the opening three issues, #4 feels more like filler, although we establish that Starrware Industries is a much fun place to work with because of the CEO! i mean, why would i work with that selfish playboy Stark - but in a crossover, he'd buy Karen out. assuming he charms her pants off, which isn't easy. taking sidekick Terra for movie night, Karen ends up battling magical monsters in a story that borrows somewhat from Godzilla circa 1998. turns out these monsters are from a magic book held by a tree-hugging, D&D-playing geek girl, whom Karen gives a pass to work for the betterment of the world in a much more positive way (awwwww). but of course, our favorite part of the story is when Karen gets called three words: "busty airborne lass". even i couldn't help smiling - filler, but heh.

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