Saturday, August 1, 2009

drive-by readings: Justice League of America #35

oh no! its Batman Beyond!
Justice League of America #35 (DC)
"Royal Pain: Chapter 1, Luck of the Draw"
Len Wein
Tom Derenick
Pow Rodrix
Marlo Alquiza
Rob Hunter
Walden Wong
Dan Green
Pete Pantazis
Rob Leigh
Eddy Barrows/Ruy Jose/Rod Reis (cover)
welcome to the JLA farm system. with all the big names gone, we're only left with Vixen and Firestorm to lead the troops against ... gasp! ... the Royal Flush Gang. actually, with Dr. Light, Red Tornado, and (yaaaayyy!) Plastic Man along for the ride, they're still powerful enough to take on anyone. but that being said, it still doesn't feel like a JLA book to me. the reveal of having Prof. Amos Fortune and Roulette was ho-hum as well. maybe they do have plans down the line for the League, and having the wordy Len Wein write a storyline is a holding pattern, but it looks like Justice League of America has ceased to be a top-tier book for now.

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