Monday, August 10, 2009

drive-by readings: House of M: Masters of Evil #1

yes, we're all posing on a rooftop so a Sentinel can take us out in one shot
House of M: Masters of Evil #1 (Marvel)
"Chapter 1: This Thing of Ours"
Christos N. Gage
Manuel Garcia
Jesse Delperdang
Nathan Fairbairn
Dave Sharpe
Mike Perkins/Guru eFX (cover)
do we really need more House of M spinoffs? four years after the fact, we still have Bendis' 2005 puppy yapping at us, and Bendis doesn't even own it anymore. this time, we have the evil anti-Dr. Strange Parker Robbins (commonly known as the Hood), putting together all the supervillains who want to make the easy buck (where did i read that before?). this reads so much like the current storylines, except they're up against the mutant majority, and i don't really see this heading anywhere except the morgue. just to keep you interested: Wolverine guest stars next issue. of course, this will be the Wolverine before he remembers anything so expect hacking and slashing.

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