Sunday, August 2, 2009

drive-by readings: Stuff of Legend #1

Stuff of Legend #1 (Th3rd World Studios)
"Vol. 1: The Dark, Book 1"
Mike Raicht
Brian Smith
Charles Paul Wilson III
Jon Conkling
Michael DeVito
upon one Chester Cebulski's (@CBCebulski) recommendation, we have this Toy Story tale for discerning adults, which delves into much darker territory than rescuing one toy or another. a childhood scary figure "The Boogeyman" seemingly abducts a Park Slope youngster ("the boy"), the owner of some toys, and said toys resolve to get him back: The Colonel (toy soldier, of course), the Indian princess, Maxwell the bear, Jester the jack-in-the-box, Quackers the duck, Percy the piggy bank and Harmony the angel marionette. and oh yeah, Scout the real life dog. and off they go into the closet. before you laugh, let's just say the Boogeyman looks like Nightmare, and he's a lot more devious than you give him credit for. why, he even takes down the Colonel down right in this first issue. damn, i didn't see that coming. looks like Th3rd World has a winner.

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