Sunday, August 2, 2009

drive-by readings: Captain Britain and MI-13 #15

look who came to the barbeque!
Captain Britain and MI-13 #15 (Marvel)
"Vampire State: Conclusion"
Paul Cornell
Leonard Kirk
Jay Leisten
Brian Reber
Joe Caramagna
Mico Suayan/Frank D'Armata (cover)
its just unfortunate that when "Excalibur" has its most diverse and intriguing (dare i say, best) configuration ever, economics didn't agree with critical opinion (or just me) and we get a cancellation notice in two years. maybe it was the long title, maybe the former Excalibur readers fled because there weren't much mutants left in the title. but in 15 issues, writer Paul Cornell, bless his British heart, has assembled a great cast anchored by Pete Wisdom, whom he wrote in a 6-issue MAX series earlier. among his other moves were bringing back Meggan, moving Dane Whitman to the English shores, and masterfully blending British fantasy elements and straight up superheroics. throwing Blade into the mix seemed weird, but made sense in the final story arc against Dracula (yes, really). Leonard Kirk provided the art for the whole run, a solid and steady contributor that's a rarity these days.

hopefully, somebody would come to their senses and relaunch this title anew (preferably with Cornell and Kirk). godspeed, mates; see you all again soon.

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