Sunday, August 23, 2009

drive-by readings: Punisher: Noir #1

Punisher: Noir #1 (Marvel)
"Home is Where the War Is"
Frank Tieri
Paul Azaceta
Nick Filardi
Joe Sabino
Tim Bradstreet (cover)
Dennis Calero (variant cover)
the Punisher finally gets the Noir treatment, and it makes a lot more sense because he's not really a superhero being retrofitted to the '20s. this time, he's a WWI veteran/widower who's trying to raise a son and run his grocery in the Bronx (oy, there's a Mr. Bumpo sighting). who else rears its ugly head but the Mafia? Dutch Schultz, come on down! this looks to be the return to the pure version of the Punisher, the concept of what he was, in the proper original context. bring the popcorn.

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