Friday, August 21, 2009

drive-by readings: Blackest Night: Superman #1

it's bingo night! wooohoooooo!
Blackest Night: Superman #1 (DC)
"A Sleepy Little Town, Part 1"
James Robinson
Eddy Barrows
Ruy Jose
Julio Ferreira
Rod Reis
Barrows/Nei Ruffino (cover)
Shane Davis/Sandra Hope/Alex Sinclair (variant cover)
first of all, Eddy Barrows draws a mean Krypto (didn't he draw that Cujo in Teen Titans, the one that ate Marvin? WIN!!!). and the rest of the book is no chopped liver either. as for the story ... well, am a little befuddled by the dialogue, at least on the resurrected Kal-L's (yeah you know why) part. his motivation is just to kill everyone? ("yes, grifter, haven't you been reading Blackest Night?" - Geoff Johns) seems so simplistic to me, at least for this Superman tangent of the theme. and somehow, seeing Connor Kent (the artist formerly known as the first arrogant Superboy) flying around again, after Infinite Crisis, makes me shake my head (i know, i know - Action Comics #1). let's just everyone stop making events out of deaths, ok? as Blackest Night shows in a nutshell, absolutely no one stays dead forever.

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