Thursday, August 6, 2009

drive-by readings: Captain America: Reborn #2

you ruined my appetite for weisswurst and sauerkraut, you ... Kraut!
Captain America: Reborn #2 (Marvel)
Ed Brubaker
Bryan Hitch
Butch Guice
Paul Mounts
Joe Caramagna
John Cassaday/Laura Martin (alternate cover)
Tim Sale/Dave Stewart (variant cover)
ok, it's time to accept the notion that Steve Rogers is not dead (hahahaha!). i have a feeling this should've been done sometime much further down the line - but the events in Dark Reign were much too good to pass up. what remains to be seen is whether he will return to the present time and be the sole Captain America again. and of course, it all makes sense - Ed Brubaker never let us down (start chanting that as your mantra). Steve's having an inside-of-body experience and reliving his WWII days, from storming Nazi castles to his taking the Super Soldier serum to meeting the press with FDR. meanwhile, in the present, Bucky Cap and his girlfriend the Black Widow (i still can't wrap my head around that one - slut!!) get captured by Ares and the H.A.M.M.E.R. goons. is it just me, or has Ares become so one-dimensional now that he's following Osborn's orders? and how does Natasha's presence here coincide with the events in Thunderbolts, where it was just revealed she replaced the Yelena Belova Black Widow on Nick Fury's orders?

if you weren't reading before, time to catch up, boys.

Ed Brubaker never let us down, Ed Brubaker never let us down ...

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