Thursday, August 27, 2009

drive-by readings: Justice Society of America #30

Justice Society of America #30 (DC)
"Hot Pursuit: Bad Seed, Part 2"
Matthew Sturges
Bill Willingham
Jesus Merino
Allen Passalaqua
Rob Leigh
this is what we waited in bated breath for? ("well, who asked you, jerk?" - Billingham & Matturges, Inc.) team's on the ropes, Mr. T bleeding to death, then (the newest) Dr. Fate steps in and villains turn tail. the problem with a team book (grudging agreement here) is that more often than not teammates inevitably clash, and that's what we're left with - Magog and Wildcat going boot to paw over strategy and principle. did i mention this was just part 2, hence prepare to be bored in spots?

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