Monday, August 24, 2009

drive-by readings: Invincible #64-65

Invincible #64-65 (Image)
"Conquest: Conclusion"/"Conquest: Epilogue"
Robert Kirkman
Ryan Ottley
Cliff Rathburn
FCO Plascencia
Rus Wooton
and here i am, (un)fashionably late for the party. hey, it's Kirkman's fault. anyhoo, what can i say about Invincible #64-65 (#64 will henceforth referred to solely as "The Headbutting Issue") that hasn't been talked about already? nothing much, i guess. i'm very impressed with Ryan Ottley. very very impressed. solid, cartoony yet detailed, and with FCO Plascensia (is that a group or an individual), the colors bring the destruction to vivid life. this is how they should've done G.I. Joe the cartoon version back in the '80s. because you can't have war without somebody dying. see that bone sticking out of Mark's arm during the punch-to-punch splash page? ahhhhhhhhhh! and Conquest's mangled face afterwards? yeeeeech! one can imagine Ottley beside himself with glee as he was illustrating these.

and after all that damage our heroes took, including us readers flinching at every impact, i can't think of anything else right now except Atom Eve. and her new enhancements. go away now, leave me alone.

what are the odds on the rematch with Conquest? issue #75? #90? #100?

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