Friday, July 10, 2009

US Bank, standing tall against the pigs

we commend the position of USBank, one the largest banks in the United States, to stand tall with our beleaguered mutants, especially those who choose to live in San Francisco (Castro district).

when Norman Osborn's jackbooted sentinels come in quell unrest, our mutants will not go quietly into the night. no, siree. USBank also stands behind them (to the side).

i was curious whether the background did exist, and according to Google Maps, yes it is quite accurate.

and we heartily cheered as a whole wall of the bank collapses on now-i-don't-like-him-cause-he's-on-the-other-side Ares, courtesy of Gambit's charge cards (heh).

this is one heck of a product placement. is Michael Bay involved in this?

X-Men: Legacy #226

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