Thursday, July 9, 2009

drive-by readings: Green Lantern #43

you got me there, DiDio! hahahaha!aren't you supposed to bleed green, hehehe

Green Lantern
#43 (DC)
"Tale of the Black Lantern"
Geoff Johns
Doug Mahnke
Christian Alamy
Randy Mayor
Alex Sinclair
Eddy Barrows/Nei Ruffino (variant cover)
pretty neat origin story for who's to be the Black Lantern. William Hand, from the Coast City Hand clan of embalmers, fits into the embodiment of all that is dark, aided by a renegade Guardian who's like Gollum with more intelligence. the covers are actually misleading as the eventual throwdown between Black Hand and Hal Jordan is yet to occur. Doug Mahnke continues to be one of the most reliable pencilers around, and that shot of William blowing his own brains out was sick! Blackest Night better be a rip-roaring tale to take some interest away from Marvel's Dark Reign, or else!

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