Sunday, July 26, 2009

drive-by readings: Ms. Marvel #42

men hate me, women wanna be me!
Ms. Marvel #42 (Marvel)
"War of the Marvels, Chapter 1: First Engagement"
Brian Reed
Sana Takeda
Dave Sharpe
upon the bestowing of a new solo series years back, Ms Marvel (the character) is somewhat the equivalent of Power Girl over at the distinguished competition: powerful, majorly underestimated and god-dang loads of sexy. not that its a bad thing, feminists, so unhand the swords. Carol Danvers has long been one of my favorite female characters in the 616 (uh, let's not get into the why), and Brian Reed has breathed new life into her, past the Kurt Busiek Avengers Reborn/Iron Man era (a time i look fondly back on).

with the Dark Reign in full swing, it was interesting to see Karla Sofen a.k.a. Moonstone take over the mantle and with the old costume. you know superheroes never die, so it was just a matter of time before Carol came back from the dead (i think i barely blinked), and engage in a hair-pulling jaw-breaking catfight. yeahhhh!!!!

if the art seems familiar to you, please be reminded that Sana Takeda drew that infamous Heroes for Hire cover with the Japanese hentai tentacle stuff. we know Ms. Takeda can draw pretty girls (see Drain or her website - free plug!), but i'm still ambivalent about putting her on this title. and with the Power Girl reference - if i may draw your attention to the cover of this issue, you can see an appropriately-placed label lest someone raises a fuss. Ms Takeda gamely pushes the envelope a bit.

not sure if it was referenced already, but have Ronin (currently Clint Barton) and Moonstone crossed paths lately? did everyone forget that they used to be an item? or has that been conveniently swept under the rug?

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