Wednesday, July 15, 2009

drive-by readings: Blackest Night #1

no, you DO NOT get these from a Cracker Jack box!
Blackest Night #1 (DC)
Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Oclair Albert
Alex Sinclair
Nick Napolitano
Ethan Van Sciver/Hi-Fi(variant cover)
my man-crush has done it again.

oh, shit.

oh, shit.

oh, shit!!!!!!!!!!!

(yes, that's all am gonna say)

at first glance, it looks like Dark Reign has better chance of having long-term ramifications and status quo changes in the Marvel Universe. but for sheer living in the moment, visceral kick in the face, leave-us-hanging-with-bated-breath-opener, Blackest Night takes the cake. and that's a summer blockbuster.

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