Friday, July 3, 2009

drive-by readings: Uncanny X-Men #513

hello, everybody! yes, we don't understand ourselves too!
Uncanny X-Men #513 (Marvel)
"Utopia Chapter Two"
Matt Fraction
Terry Dodson
Rachel Dodson
Justin Ponsor
Joe Caramagna
Simone Bianchi (variant cover)
since when did Cyclops become Daredevil? and when did Adam X become a white trash skateboard punk? more questions than answers abound in the new Dark Avengers/X-Men Utopia storyline. what's Emma Frost's (now wearing a black coat, how stylish) endgame? i'm only slightly surprised the Dark Beast is on Norman Osborn's side of the conflict, and the longer you leave that doppelganger alive, the more he's bound to create more mischief. having more characters crossing the line is a lot more detrimental to my sanity than having Skrulls impersonate everybody else (hello, Mystique). look, even Mimic is here. Namor is hanging around because he knocked boots with Emma back in the day and they have dealings we aren't privy much to yet. Tony, come back!!! oh, that's right, they drove him out of town. Steve, come back!!!

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