Friday, July 24, 2009

drive-by readings: Immortal Weapons #1

Immortal Weapons #1 (Marvel)
"The Book of the Cobra"/"Caretakers, Part 1"
Jason Aaron
Duane Swierczynski
Mico Suayan
Stefano Gaudiano
Roberto De La Torre
Khari Evans
Victor Olazaba
Michael Lark
Arturo Lozzi
Travel Foreman
Nate Piekos
Edgar Delgado
Matt Hollingsworth
Jelena Djurdjevic
Jodi Wolff
June Chung
David Aja (cover)
screw the DC Universe Kobra, or the G.I. Joe Cobra. make mine Fat Cobra! it may or may not make them a bushel of money, but Marvel's Immortal Weapons, a spinoff series of the popular characters from Iron Fist (thanks to Messrs. Brubaker, Fraction and Aja) make for great reading. we can all figure that Fat Cobra has an eating problem, but who knew he had a semi-Forrest Gump streak in life, hanging out with Elvis, fighting side by side with Nick Fury, and siring Skrull children? holy humongous hogs! Fat Cobra has the most star power among the Weapons (save Danny Rand of course), but i hope the others will be fleshed out just as entertainingly.

Iron Fist fans (like me), fear not! a backup story is included in each ish (Caretakers). Danny goes back to his roots trying to save regular folk on a daily basis (nice touch with Misty co-teaching in his dojo). they may not be Heroes for Hire in that sense anymore, but they're "heroes" with a fuller meaning.

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