Saturday, July 18, 2009

drive-by readings: Amazing Spider-Man #599

poster to The Osborns reality show
Amazing Spider-Man #599 (Marvel)
"American Son, Part 5 of 5"
Joe Kelly
Stephen Segovia
Paulo Siquiera
Marco Checchetto
Amilton Santos
Jeromy Cox
Chris Chuckry
Joe Caramagna
Phil Jimenez/Andy Lanning (cover)

you can't say Norman Osborn's a waffler. once its decidedly apparent that Harry doesn't want to play the role of his American Son (after the big reveal of last issue), he takes him off the will and focuses on his yet-unborn child with Lily the Menace (gaaaaahhhh!). this means Harry is pretty much useless to him as a flower in a firefight. but Peter's best friend (seriously? all my years i never saw Harry give to Peter as much as Peter gave to him) has other ideas and narrowly defeats his pyscho pop. only Peter saves him from delivering the final blow (sorry, Logan), ensuring that the Dark Reign will continue well till the end of the year. take a bow, Joe Kelly.

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