Sunday, July 12, 2009

drive-by readings: Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1

yes, we only represent three continents!
Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1 (Marvel)
Scott Gray
Roger Cruz
Val Staples
Nate Piekos
Cruz/Nei Ruffino (cover)
this time, the All-New, All-Different X-Men get the First Class treatment. i like the First Class series, especially under Jeff Parker and Fred van Lente. this time around, Dr. Who scribe Scott Gray takes the helm, and it chronicles how the new X-Men meet up with the Inhumans. taken from the point of view of Nightcrawler, whose demonic elf appearance necessitates his use of an image inducer (Stark Tech v1.0), the call of living among creatures who have no biases about how you look proves very tempting. however, the Inhuman tradition of subjecting their kids with the Terrigen Mists to jumpstart their evolution clashes with his own principles and gets him into trouble. a couple of other notable points: we should see Wolverine getting kicked by Gorgon more often, and it is nostalgic to have Sean (Banshee) alive and well - i miss that Irish brogue. Roger Cruz, long maligned for aping Joe Madureira, continues to find his niche with another stint in this series.

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