Wednesday, July 15, 2009

drive-by readings: Scalped #30

Scalped #30 (DC)
"The Gnawing, Part 1 of 5"
Jason Aaron
R.M. Guera
Giulia Brusco
Steve Wands
Jock (cover)
i keep forgetting how good this series is, and keep weaving in and not. at some point one day, am gonna read it all again right from the start. for newbies, Scalped follows the protagonist Dashiell Bad Horse working as a reservation cop under the auspices of Chief Red Crow. but Bad Horse has his own agenda, being an undercover FBI agent trying to bring down Red Crow for murder. this time, the loop closes in on Bad Horse as he is caught between his opportunistic boss Special Agent in Charge Baylis Nitz and the increasingly suspicious Red Crow. yes, its kinda like the last hour of The Departed. gritty and not the least scared to spill blood, Scalped always works. until i get distracted again.

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