Thursday, July 2, 2009

drive-by readings: Cry for Justice #1

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Cry for Justice
#1 (DC)
"The Beginning"
James Robinson
Mauro Cascioli
Steve Wands
well, after all the backroom drama surrounding this series, here it is finally. following the tradition of Extreme Justice and Justice League Elite, writer James Robinson this time sends longtime DC cowboy Hal Jordan to organize his own "Avengers" team (obvious first recruit: Green Arrow). the premise seems too contrived for me (Nightwing could have started this, but he's not exactly an active JLAer and he needed to fill his mentor's boots. the talented Mr. Cascioli seems to be a good fit here, with his moody painted style giving it an edgy feel. this issue is more of the personnel-gathering kind, with Robinson throwing in some odd characters (Congorilla, anyone?). two things i'd like to point out: i hope this does not suffer from scheduling problems but at the same time i would hate to see the artwork rushed just to meet deadlines (or worse, you'd have fill-in artists by issue #3); and would the eventual (i think) showdown with their own teammates (Superman: "I don't think we can allow that, Hal") have long-term ramifications on the League as whole? as a wise man once said, we shall see.

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