Saturday, July 18, 2009

drive-by readings: JSA vs. Kobra #2

finally, a shot of Mr. Terrific without his 3 Balls
JSA vs Kobra #2 (DC)
"Engines of Faith, Part 2: Strange Days"
Eric Trautmann
Don Kramer
Michael Babinski
Pat Brosseau
Art Lyon
Gene Ha (cover)
i like it when the requisite superhero team gets confounded at every turn by their enemies. it's no fun if they figure out the plot and smash the villains easily. the early-Morrison JLA epitomized these thriller rides. now the Justice Society, a collection of the smartest and most powerful heroes in the DCU, is playing catch-up to a resurgent Kobra, who's determined more than ever to bring about the Apocalypse and makes Al Qaeda look like amateurs. well, the glaring difference is that with Kobra, terrorism is their religion. they also seem to know how to deal with metahumans, as evidenced by decoying them to lock up S.T.A.R. Labs, bombing other places while taking the real prize inside LexCorp offices. this fight is far from over. i guess Power Girl heaving her chest doesn't really work as a distraction anymore. except for me.

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