Friday, September 3, 2010


drive-by readings

The Boys #46 (Dynamite)
"Believe, Part Three"
Garth Ennis
Russ Braun
Tony Aviña
Simon Bowland
Darick Robertson (cover)

what we learned: finally: Butcher and Hughie let it all out, and i can empathize with Hughie for being scared of not being trusted anymore. Butcher breathes a sigh of relief, but there's still a big problem as the two are in love. also Mother's Milk flask is missing.
oh shit moment: two: Queen Maeve is a spy for the Boys (and didja see her pics!!) and Hughie watches Annie/Starlight's initiation into the Seven.
what's next: like Butcher says, you gotta be cruel to be kind. is this gonna break up Hughie and Annie?

due to the family nature (pfshhh) of this blog, that's all we can show you.

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