Saturday, September 11, 2010

who's killing who

drive-by readings

Shadowland: Blood On The Streets #2 (Marvel)
Antony Johnston
Wellinton Alves
Nelson Pereira
Frank Martin
Dave Sharpe
Francisco Mattina (cover)

what we learned: Paladin gets punk'd by the Shroud (gotta hand it to Pig Pen). Misty finds out that its not the Hand that killing mobsters, the Hand ninjas also tell her the same thing, and Paladin and Shroud are also two steps behind.
oh shit moment: not much sighting of Silver Sable and her fantastic treasure chest this issue. still not sure what her angle is in this story, but do i care? LOL
what's next: always the first question to ask in a murder mystery: who profits?

the "K" disappears twice in this book. that's a crime!

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