Monday, September 13, 2010


drive-by readings

Secret Six #25 (DC)
"The Reptile Brain, Part One: Blood Calls to Blood"
Gail Simone
Jim Calafiore
Jason Wright
Travis Lanham
Daniel Luvisi (cover)

what we learned: i don't think i did. after last issue's weird Wild West story - where they all die! - this time the split teams go their separate ways, one doing mercenary work and hired to conquer a land beyond time, while the other - with the grieving angry Catman forced back into the fold - is offered a deal to do the opposite.
oh shit moment: i'm not really a big fan of no-explanation exposition. so i go "oh shit" when am lost.
what's next: Secret Six vs Secret Six! i think this is some kind of a video game.

this is why wild animals jump their cages.

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