Thursday, September 16, 2010

coming out to play

drive-by readings

Shadowland: Power Man #2 (Marvel)
"War In the Neighborhood"
Fred Van Lente
Mahmud Asrar
Scott Hanna
Bruno Hang
Dave Sharpe

what we learned: now i get why the Simster was raving about this yesterday - only old school guys will probably get the joke. the new Power Man (Kid?) gets into a tussle with Danny and Luke (the original), and in the process draws attention from a bunch of gangs (well, really, just a representative) who's out to bag him for money. hilarity ensues.
oh shit moment: this kid can absorb Danny's chi? really? wait, shouldn't Danny be out like a light now? remember mind melds and that healing shit (when he first "died"; thanks a lot, Captain Power).
what's next: Nights-s-sh-sh-shade! (to the tune of "Shirt Tales")

uhhh .... she's ... Bejeweled?

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