Thursday, September 2, 2010

come on down

drive-by readings

Wolverine #1 (Marvel)
"Wolverine Goes to Hell, Part One"
"Last Stand of the Silver Samurai: Scorched Earth Chapter One"
Jason Aaron
Renato Guedes/Jason Latour
Jose Wilson Magalhaes
Matt Wilson/Rico Renzi
Cory Petit
Jae Lee/June Chung (cover)
Steve McNiven/Dexter Vines/Justin Ponsor/Marko Djurdjevic/Art Adams (variant covers)

what we learned: i mistook the hype for this new direction as Daken taking over Wolverine's body while Logan being sent to Hell. but that would've been a cooler premise: its one thing to be reconditioned by the Hand, its another to have switch souls and personalities between two mortal shells. what would the Avengers and X-Men do? kill him? but i digress. some mysterious party (called the Red Right Hand - 'allo, Nick Cave - purported to be the vengeful hand of God) wants Wolverine and his family/friends taken out, and some demon has taken over his body (taking on John Wraith for starters). next up: Logan's current galpal Melita, who's oddly rescued by Mystique. over in Japan, the RRH puts a hit on Kenuichio Harada, and it looks like he doesn't survive the experience.
oh shit moment: you know there's a demon in Wolverine, but that doesn't make it any easier.
what's next: who are these Red Right Handers? kin of people Logan killed over the century? was already goddamned sick of "My Humps".

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