Friday, September 3, 2010

alone in the dark

drive-by readings

Curse of the Mutants - X-Men: Smoke and Blood (one-shot) (Marvel)
Simon Spurrier
Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Dave Sharpe
Clayton Crain (cover)

what we learned: i love the adventures of the X-Science Team. its like watching Big Bang Theory for mutants, with Dr. Nemesis gleefully playing Sheldon. too bad Hank's not with them for now. anyhoo, their vampire specimen breaks out of their lab and traps them with it. as is with any superhero team worth their salt, a last-minute save thrillingly traps us in our seats. Kavita Rao is becoming a likable character in her own right, considering her mutation opposition origins.
oh shit moment: if vamps can learn to use psychic attacks, who knows what the else they got up their sleeves.
what's next: what happens when the X-Men meet Team Edward?

what she said.

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