Tuesday, September 14, 2010

semi-kind of victory

drive-by readings

Thor #614 (Marvel)
"The Fine Print Part 4"
Kieron Gillen
Doug Braithwaite
John Rauch
Andy Troy
June Chung
Joe Sabino
Mico Suayan/Laura Martin (cover)

what we learned: Loki's treachery is revealed! Thor realizes the breadth and width of his half-brother's machinations, and with Loki not in Hel's books, he'll have a devil of a time putting him down next time. well, no one's going to learn from this anyway. soon, they'll be back welcoming him with open arms and mugfuls of mead.
oh shit moment: Thor stabbing Kelda (relax, its because Loki put malware in her to break the Asgardians' morale and as an added bonus, assassinate Balder). also when Thor gets the Eir-Gram free and cuts down the Disir - that's mythic.
what's next: get ready for more action, 'cause here comes Matt Fraction!

sometimes, just sometimes, you still need violence against women.

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