Friday, September 10, 2010

joke's on them

drive-by readings

Batman & Robin #14 (DC)
"Batman and Robin Must Die! Part 2: The Triumph of Death"
Grant Morrison
Frazer Irving
Pat Brosseau
Frank Quitely (cover)

what we learned: not one to be overshadowed or upstaged, the Joker wants to get back at the Black Glove/Thomas Wayne/Dr. Hurt/whatever the shit's calling himself these days. to this end, he has Batman and Robin (and the Commish Gordon) as chess pieces, and Gotham City and its residents as collateral damage. wheeeeeeeeee!
oh shit moment: Damian getting himself captured by the Joker. that'll work wonders with his confidence.
what's next: i want the current Dynamic Duo get out of this without the Bat family getting involved. ok, maybe Alfred.

after years of rejection, Miss Piggy finally snapped.

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