Monday, September 13, 2010

bullets and motors

drive-by readings

Punisher MAX: Hot Rods of Death one-shot (Marvel)
"Getting Mad"
Charlie Huston
Shawn Martinbrough
Felix Serrano
Cory Petit

what we learned: one-time Losers artist Shawn Martinbrough provides artwork for crime writer Huston's B-movie tale (all his inspirations on the final page) on corporate fat cats using thugs to do their dirty work. Frank Castle provides the leader figure needed to rally the community to fight back. once Huston's done with the dialogue, its all Martinbrough's game.
oh shit moment: its cliche, but a wire garrote for bikers? still awesome.
what's next: was Lady Gaga wearing Pike last night?

so Roxxon is the Red Right Hand!

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