Thursday, September 2, 2010

still haven't found what they're looking for

drive-by readings

Brightest Day #9 (DC)
"Lost and Found"
Geoff Johns/Peter Tomasi
Patrick Gleason/Ivan Reis/Joe Prado
Rebecca Buchman/Keith Champagne/Tom Nguyen
Peter Steigerwald
Rob Clark Jr.
David Finch (cover)
Reis/Hi-Fi (variant cover)

what we learned: ah, so the black dude with the eel tattoo is Black Manta's son. why did it only take this long for him to get up his butt and look for him? J'onn's search for the telepathic black hole lands him in Oliver Queen's enchanted forest and they needed to hightail it out of there before the forest ate them up.
oh shit moment: never saw Black Manta this cool and aggressive. but that costume is still funny.
what's next: message in a bottle, yeah.

Ollie didn't like his first session with The Mentalist.

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