Wednesday, September 1, 2010

purplish haze

drive-by readings

Scalped #40 (DC/Vertigo)
"Unwanted Part 2"
Jason Aaron
R.M. Guera
Giulia Brusco
Trish Mulvhill
Steve Wands
Jock (cover)

what we learned: Red Crow and Dash's dad Wade do the tango, but no shots are fired. bummer. Carol wrestles with her pregnancy and abortion, and her palpable fear and anxiety gets to you. also, Dash is either hallucinating or is in an actual community with a shaman and he's puking spiders and shit.
oh shit moment: ever ran around in the snow naked in the dead of night?
what's next: that Dash/Shunka rematch will have to wait.

it was sad when they kicked Kevin Costner out of the rez.

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