Saturday, May 15, 2010

who's down with Max Lordy? yeah, you know me!

"miss me?? am sure you did!"

Maxwell Lord (oh god, the smugness of the name alone) is back and first thing he does to reclaim his douchebag title is to have two cops shoot each other. bloody hell.

ever since he went over to the dark side, i'm just holding on to the memories of the old Giffen/Maguire days and even contemplated getting a lobotomy. oh wait, he can do that for me, can he?

hey, you still call it the "Bat Computer"?? Oracle doesn't call hers the 'Oracle Computer'. neither does the Calculator. see, is DC trying to be trite and kid-friendly? but with all the dead and dying happening (see Night, Blackest and Day, Brightest), that doesn't seem like it.

who else are supposed to go after Max? well, of course it'll be the old JLI gang. what you should just remember is that no one is safe and for all we know, they'll all go the way of Ted Kord soon enough.

"what kind of bomb?" let's see:
- a Nega Bomb?
- a Jaegerbomb?
- a James Bomb? ("boooooooooooooooo!")
- the kind of Bomb that Fire and Ice are (bombshells)

right, keep telling yourself that, Max.

Justice League: Generation Lost #1

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