Friday, May 14, 2010

snaps: The Sentry - Fallen Sun

... where we find our heroes visiting the grave of the Sentry (hey, he died just a few hours ago!), and reminiscing about the old days, adventures that make us go "huh, when did that happen?" then it dawned on us: the Sentry made us all forget about those times!! just like they do in Men in Black!! because, uh, he's such a heroic figure and all! cool!! uh, where am i again?

Robert's hair is so nice and soft, everyone wants to touch it.

that's dog-speak for "hey, did i bite off your arm?"

ok, what the hell is Daredevil doing here? and does Emma Frost need to attend in her elegant ho costume?

even in fictional character deaths, we get rick-rolled.

huh? how did Rogue become a bearded man? oh, that's Dr. Strange!?! geez, Tom Raney!

the portrait of an artist taking a dump

no. way. was this before or after Remy? so could there be a little Void-ish Marie Reynolds running around somewhere?

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